Yes it isn’t! Corruption is only a fallout of what constitutes the greatest problem of Nigeria.

I know you’re probably surprised at my submission, like most Nigerians do?

But please wait a moment…Be patient and read to the end first, before you “throw stones” at me.

You see, every child is born a clean slate, like a brand new external storage device, having no data on it.

The child only becomes programmed by her exposure to the environment, which includes the home, neighbourhood, school system, religious setting, the media, etc

As the child grows into a man or woman, now faced with the need to decide for themselves, the values that have been inculcated into them forms their frame. Their core.

These values dictate every of their decisions and actions.

In a case where the right values have never been inputted in the child, or they have been compromised along the way by the “noise” in the environment, the core of the now grown man or woman becomes weakened.

…Invariably, it is easy to see such people, although grown up physically, but are easily swept away by the decay in value system in the society…

This brings about a whole lot of fallout – corruption only being the major one.

So the main solution to Nigeria’s problem, in my opinion, is not tackling corruption, even though that’s equally important.

The main solution is to declare war against the decay in value system of the society.

Hence, we need #ValuesOrientation

So I invite you to regularly join us on this exciting journey as we champion the cause of values orientation of the Nigerian youth and man, on our VO-360 initiative.

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