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And The Preacher Was Drowned…How to Avoid Making Similar Mistake in 2019

A story was told of a Preacher who was trapped by a flood on the roof of his house. He prayed to God for help but it looked like God wasn’t paying attention to him while the water kept on growing taller. Shortly afterwards, a boat came by. The occupants, who were equally escaping from […]

Your D-Factor Determines Everything You’ll Ever Get Out of Life!

There is nobody I have ever met or learnt about from history who does not want to see all his or her dreams come to pass. However, many dreams do not live to see the light of the day. The question you may be asking right now is, “Why is that?” It is not a […]

I Never Used the Computer until My Second Year in the University: Lessons for You…

It’s 3:50 am and I’m still struggling to have a simple task accomplished. I had great plans for the night, and had earlier taken some good rest preparatory to taking on the night for the work I intended to do. For several hours I have been trying to tick away every single task as planned. […]

How To Understand The Message in A YouTube Video Without Understanding The Language.

With the billions of pages on the internet,one is almost certain of getting information on any subject he or she is searching for.  However, the problem which arises sometimes is that the information is in a language one doesn’t understand. There are several search engines out there you can use to do your searches. Needless […]

How to “Read” More Books When You Don’t Have The Time to Read

Without exception, real successful people are in the habit of an ongoing daily study. Not just from their own life experiences, but also those recorded by others in books. This explains why most of them read a lot of books, and some have gotten to a point where they read a book every day. Tai […]

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