Category: The Ultimate Conversion Show

On this page you will find the life-transforming stories of people, just like you, who have gone through unthinkable storms of life, and have had awe-striking stories. But instead of being broken, these amazing individuals have turned around and used their “horrific” stories as inspiration and motivation to impact humanity positively.

As you follow the stories, you will learn how they have converted the situations into products, income sources and life purposes. Should you have a similar story you will learn how you too can gain mastery over your situation and create something positive out of it.

The truth is, nothing that is allowed to come into our lives is for no reason. They are meant for the betterment of humanity, starting with the person who has gone through such a storm. Remember, our stories are often the greatest resources we will ever need for the fulfillment of our purpose on earth.

Wishing you an amazing time as you learn to convert your stories into something positive, beginning this moment.

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