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Toys: Not Just For Kids – (Free Mini Book)

Toys are not attributable to kids alone. People of all ages, sex, financial status, level of education or spirituality have toys; only that as adults, our toys have become more useful, and of course, more sophisticated. When people attach too much value to their “toys” at the detriment of the more important things, most often […]

As A Man Thinketh – (Free Book)

As A Man Thinketh is a classic by James Allen. The book is so transformational. In this short treatise, the author emphasises the power of our thoughts when it comes to attainment of any definite purpose. When thoughts are used wrongly, Mr Allen likens them to weapons by which a man can destroy himself. On […]

Beyond the Storm – (Preview)

The storms in our lives could be our greatest gift. In our world today, many people face various storms of life more than at any other time in history. These come in different forms and magnitude. I’ve been there, and still do even today. So in this book, using my own story and those of […]

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