Month: October 2018

Facts That Prove The Unfettered Power Of Books – One Of The Greatest Things That Could Happen To You In Life.

(Part 5 of  “Books Are Your Best Friend” Series)… 6. Books Could Be Your Day And Night Companion. Because of companionship,many of us marry, start families and have children. Unfortunately, some of our biggest pains and tragedies have come from those closest to us. Books offer you a better alternative.  Books will be with you […]

3 Ways That Books Can Greatly Impact Your Life.

(Part 4 of  “Books Are Your Best Friend” Series)… 3. It Is Cheaper To Keep Book-Friends Than Life-Friends. A lot of us have paid a lot of prices for having friends. When you have money and resources, you have a lot of friends. Many people will be ready to be friends with you and help […]

Books Are Your Best Friend: Part 5

Reasons Why Books Should Be Your Best Friend.

(Part 3 of  “Books Are Your Best Friend” Series)… For me personally, I have decided to follow in the example of God Himself. One day, I like all men would leave this world. I too would go the way of all men. Meaning I would follow suit in the path of Jesus.  Remember God took […]

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